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Teenage Herbalist

Teenage Herbalist

I just came across this interesting story this morning so thought I would write a post about it.

A Santa Cruz boy who has been interested in plants since he was just a wee kid has now written and produced a book at the ripe old age of 16. It amazed me that a kid of that age could be so interested in plants and herbs in particular, but then to go and write a book about it was even more amazing.

Medicinal Herbs of Santa Cruz County

Levi Glatt of Santa Cruz has written and self published the book, Medicinal Herbs of Santa Cruz County.

I don’t know about you but all the teenage boys I know of that age are either locked away in their world of cyber activity or out playing sport. Levi Glatt meanwhile has spent his time researching the herbs grown around his area and producing a medicinal herb book .He attributes his interest in herbal medicines to his mother, Rena Dubin, who administered his homeschooling. It was as part of his biology studies that he decided to qualify as a herbalist through an online Academy.

A Giving Heart

That is not all that is remarkable about this teenage boy. He is also producing a skin salve which he distributes to homeless people in a bid to increase their dignity. He is also a bit of a philosopher himself stating that it is not the gift but how you give the gift that matters.

With Christmas not far away many of us will be giving gifts to friends and relatives. For many this will be an obligatory chore that is approached with reluctance each year. We could all learn from this kid who not only has written a book and produced a skin salve but has a heart for those less fortunate and is able to give to them out of love and respect to give them a better chance at life. It is not obligatory giving but giving from a genuine heart.

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Take a Nature Walk.

Right under all of our noses, in our own back yards are many wonderful worlds to explore. I had a young person in my garden the other day and she photographed 34 different flowers. I had no idea there were so many varieties. If we walk beyond our immediate yard we will see many, many more. Unfortunately most of us tend to take them for granted and do not appreciate their vale or worth.

Levi Glatt has started taking people on walks to introduce them to the herbs growing in the Santa Cruz area. What a remarkable and motivated young person this is. Perhaps we need to start a movement of young people to follow in his foot steps and study the plants in various areas all around the world. Each area could have its own book of herbs and herbal medicine featuring the herbs growing naturally in their area. The information gathered would be a wonderful resource for all future generations.

A Challenge for You:

1. Take a walk today in your garden and identify all the herbs growing there and list those which have medicinal properties.

2. Take a longer walk and venture into a nearby nature reserve and see how many plants you can find and then try to name them all.

3 Share your list on this website with pictures of the plants you found.

4 Learn as much as you can about those plants.

We all live in different areas but I wonder if the plants growing naturally in each area are specific to the medicinal needs of people living in those areas. You will find that the indigenous people would already have much of this knowledge. We can learn a lot from them. Not long ago I had two women interested in native plants walk through our bush. They wrote out the botanical names of over 100 different species of plant they came across on their short walk.

I found this to be absolutely amazing and you will get some surprises too. You will then be able to produce your own medicial herbs book.

If you would like to read the full story of Levi Glatt, click on this link.   Medicinal Herbs of Santa Cruz County


Levis book is available on Amazon. Click on the image  to see.

Medicinal Herbs of Santa Cruz County

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