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Healing Herbs- Boost Your Immune System

In this article my aim is to equip you with a list of 6 herbs that will stimulate your immune system and help to prevent and possibly heal cancer. Each of these herbs are readily available and we will look at each one under separate headings.

I am not claiming to heal all cancers with these suggestions but they may all be worth trying before hitting your body with aggressive radiation and or chemotherapy both of which can be effective in getting rid of some cancers but both can have very negative impacts on the body.. 


Tumeric: The herb with powerful healing properties

No curry is complete without a good serve of tumeric added to the curry blend of spices. This is the first one to put in my list of healing herbs because it is in most of our pantries.

  1. Most curries will have some tumeric giving them the distinctive yellow color.
  2. Tumeric has been used in Indian for both cooking and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.
  3. Tumeric contains  powerful anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties in the form of curcumin.
  4. Curcumin needs a little help to be effectively absorbed into the blood stream. Black pepper will increase its absorption extensively..
  5. Curcumin taken along with black pepper can more than match any manufactured anti inflammatory drugs.
  6. Helps fight foreign infection and ward off disease.
  7. It increases the levels of the brain hormone BDNF, which increases  new neurons to fight degenerative processes in the brain such as alzheimers.
  8. It can be effective in treating inflammation caused by arthritis, often proving to be more effective than manufactured medications.
  9. It is helpful in treating depression and can slow the aging process.
  10. Curcumin  is also beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease.

 Black Pepper : Great for weight loss.

Avocado on toast with lemon juice and a good sprinkling of black pepper makes for a delicious snack or breakfast treat.

  1. Black peppercorns have been used in cooking and for medicinal purposes for a very long time.
  2. Black pepper is known to be effective in helping reduce belly fat by boosting the metabolism
  3. It helps reduce the rate of growth of fat cells and limits fat build up in the body
  4. It is useful in treating intestinal problems
  5. It is a natural anti depressant.
  6. It enhances the flavor of many dishes and is best added as freshly ground peppercorns.

Ginger: Fire up your body and your brain!

Ginger has to be one of my favorite spices, I use it a lot in cooking. The flavor of ginger lime and coconut is one that can’t be beaten.

  1. Ginger like the other spices listed has been used for hundreds of years for its flavor in cooking and its powerful medicinal properties.
  2. It is helpful for reducing nausea or dealing with other digestive problems. We use it to ease car or sea sickness.
  3. Ginger is helpful to ward of flu and cold symptoms.  Freshly made ginger tea with lemon and honey is good.
  4. It is an effective anti inflammatory and anti oxidant.
  5. It is particularly good to reduce the discomfort of morning sickness and the side effects of chemotherapy given to cancer patients.
  6.  It is also effective in reducing the symptoms  and pain associated with osteo arthritis

   Cayenne: Kick start your heart:

  1. Cayenne is another variety of pepper but it is more potent in its spiciness so lesser quantities are required in cooking.
  2. Cayenne pepper is effective in preventing heart attacks with its ability to clear away blood clots. If you suspect someone is having a heart attack try giving them some cayenne .
  3. It helps to regulate the digestive process by eliminating toxins and bacteria.
  4. It boosts the bodies metabolism so like black pepper is effective in weight loss
  5. It can be applied to the skin for pain relief  of both joints and nerves.
  6. Cayenne also helps break up mucus so is effective in the treatment of cold and flu.
  7. It works also as an anti-fungal for the treatment of conditions such as thrush and candida.and psoriasis.
  8. Cayenne can be used topically to reduce the severity of migraines.
  9. Cayenne is also useful in slowing cancer development.


Oregano: Another dual purpose herb.

Oregano is yet another herb used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. It is commonly used in Mediteranean cooking.

  1. Oregano belongs to the family of mint species and some people may be allergic to it.
  2. It is used extensively in Mediteranean dishes and as a garnish on breads and pizzas
  3. It is helpful in the treatment of infections and as an insect repellent
  4. It is also useful in the treatment of menstrual cramps.
  5. It will alleviate the symptoms of urinary tract infections and gastro intestinal problems.
  6. Some varieties of oregano have proven to be very effective in combating the super bugs such as MRSA  found in hospitals.
  7. It has been  shown to slow the rate of cancer growth in patients
  8. It  can be effective in the treatment of acne, cold sores and dandruff.
  9. The oregano oil can be used to treat fungal infections of the nail on the feet and hands by adding a few drops of the concentrated oil to a warm foot/hand bath.
  10. Similarly a few drops of oil added to a steam inhalant can be used to treat sinus infections.

Cannabis: The banned wonder treatment for many illnesses! 

Research is revealing the amazing power of the THC a derivative of cannbis to heal many diseases has been suppressed and only now is begiining to take center stage as a miracle drug with all manner of healing properties.

  1. Marijuana significantly reduces the risk of many cancers and alzheimers disease.
  2. Like the other herbs and spices listed above it can be used in cooking but does not have a lot of flavor like ginger or oregano.
  3. Marijiuana users are less likely to suffer many common cancers or aging diseases.
  4. The Cannabinoids in marijuana protect the brain from alzheimers and dementia.
  5. These same cannabinoids also fight pancreatic cancer which is often seen as a sure death sentence.
  6. Remarkable results are being shown by the use of cannabis in the fight against many forms of cancer.It is being proven to be effective in totally eradicating the cancers when other treatments have failed.
  7. Cannabis is still prohibited in many parts of the world but thankfully is medicinal prowess is being acknowledged by scientists and doctors and moves are underway to legalize it for medicinal purposes.

Completing my list of healing herbs

This concludes my list of 6 healing herbs. There are many more but that is for another day.

We are blessed in this world we live in with a wide variety of plants which have been provided for our sustenance and healing. We would do well to make a list of the plants most beneficial to human health and well being and study them more extensively. It surely would be cheaper to have fewer people behind in our prisons on drug related charges than it would to spend money on research into the inherent healing properties pertaining to this list of  herbs I have started with here. I hope you have found this to be of some value and that you will research further for yourself. Make your own list of healing herbs and display it in your kitchen to remind you to use them.

This is a really positive and inspirational story of an Indian banker who is now growing 70 different herbs and supporting 22000 farmers.

Rediscovering herbs


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