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CBD OIL : Natures Answer


We have been deceived by the drug companies and authorities on the benefits of CBD oil for healing of many common illnesses facing people today.

It seems to me to be totally wrong that a product which has been given to us by God can be so vilified by  people who think they know better than the Creator.

CBD oil is extracted from a plant called hemp,  just like eucalyptus oil and ti tree oil have been extracted from their respective plant species. .

If we decided to eat gum leaves or smoke them, it could very well make us sick or have some side effects. The same  applies to ti tree, it is not meant for us to smoke but that does not mean it does not have a very valuable healing  potential for various issues  such as wounds suffered by humans.

Hemp was a well known and well used plant in almost every household during the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

If you are interested to know why this amazing and versatile product was banned  please refer to the following link where a clear and worrying explanation is given of how people who think they know everything and are in a position of  power can affect changes which can detrimentally impact on all of society.

How Hemp Became Illegal

It confounds me how a product with so many applications could ever be declared illegal.

Here is a list of uses of hemp as taken from Wikipedia.  ( just click on the link “hemp uses” below)

Take a look, you will be blown away by the wide variety  of applications for this amazing product.


hemp uses


A New Beginning For The Production of Hemp and Its By Products

Today people are rediscovering its properties and are making moves to see it legalized again for medicial use and to capitalize on its many other uses.

I cannot be sure why it has taken so long to get to this point, because the benefits of  CBD have been well documented and people in many countries who could benefit from its use  are being denied access to the product.

There is a world wide movement to see more commercial crops of hemp planted and its various uses developed and made available to consumers.  It makes absolutely no sense for a product such as this which our forbears knew and benefited from so much, to be denied to our generation.

We are looking at growing hemp on our farm to be used as a building material.  The process to get an application through to enable us to do that is long and tedious and we must also pay a tidy sum to the government for the privilege.  We can grow a crop of wheat or barley which has limited applications for  no fee and no special registration.

When you look at the applications of hemp and its by products it seems crazy that we are not making much better use of this amazing product and even encouraging people to grow it.

Are you needing a solution to your current health issues?

Help is available online and it is your right to access the products you feel will benefit you. There  are many sites where you can buy appropriate and effective products

Here is a link to one I am associated with. If you find that you do benefit in some way from the products listed here  then please take the time to share the link with all those you know who may also benefit.   You can share it on social media or just by word of mouth Personal testimony of a products worth is the best way to share it.  If you have found something that works for you it would be selfish not to share it.

CBD has helped my son through many  health issues he has had and I can testify to the difference it has made for him.

The link below will take you to a range of products to meet your personal needs. The other thing you can do if you really find answers is to promote it yourself and earn a commission from it.

Freisias Answer


I hope you have found some helpful information on this post.

I would love to hear your feed back so please let me know what you think.

With hope for the future and good health for our world



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  1. Reply

    I have heard a lot about CBD oil lately, as well as other uses for the hemp plant such as making hemp plastic. Thanks for the article!

      • admin
      • July 26, 2018

      Thank you for your comment Dominique, hemp is indeed a versatile product and is experiencing a really big comeback now.

    • Paulbonyon
    • July 27, 2018

    Hi Freisia!
    I did not know what CBD oil was at first look. I thought it was some kind of motor oil for vehicles. After reading your post I found out how important this ingredient is to humanity. The fact that it is made from herbs that God created for the healing of the nations is a plus.
    You go ahead and grow the plants on your property, I support you on that. Especially since it has been good help to your son. It can also help other members of your family when the need arrives or even friends.
    Thanks for this enlightenment!

      • admin
      • July 28, 2018

      Tank you for your comment David.  It is being given new recognition after years of being banned. Sure it can be abused and have negative effects but used correctly it is a powerful healer which should not be ignored. 

    • Hanna
    • July 30, 2018

    Thanks Freisia for such an informative article!
    I`ve read so many health benefits about CBD. I even have friends that are really trying to promote it`s good use, which makes me wonder all these times, if this plant is this good, why was it illegalized in the first place. And i`m very glad i have read your article.
    So, what are the forms you can take/use CBD. Is it just in an oil form? Or does it come also in pills?

      • admin
      • August 6, 2018

      Hi Hanna and thank you for your comment.  The drug companies controlled the markets and Governments make a huge amount of money from them. They make no money from people growing there own herbs and spices etc. Some friends of mine are also getting good results from tumeric., so it is a wonder that was not made illegal too. You can get CBD as an oil or in capsules. .This site has some… I hope that answers your questions.

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