The Lost Book of Remedies

Your back yard or neighborhood may have all the healing plants you need.

natural healing plants.

The humble dandelion

Alternative and Natural Methods to Combat Cancer

We have looked at many of the common medical means to combat cancer On this page we will look at some alternative methods. Statistics show that 150 years ago only 1 percent of people contracted cancer that is 1 in every 100 people. Today it is 1 in every 3 people who will get cancer […]

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Some of my favorite herbs and how I use them

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

I love a mix of vietnamese mint, coriander and parsley chopped together then put inside a rice paper wrap with prawns, or chicken, or firm white fish, some snow pea for crunchy texture, sliced cucumber and rice noodles or egg omelette cut up and a little chilli to taste.  These are fun to do as a family lunch if you put all the ingredients in separate dishes in the middle of the table and have a dish of hot water to dip the rice paper in.  Everyone makes their own, choosing their own fillings from the selection.  This is absolutely delicious for a midday meal in Summer.

Rice paper dipped in hot water


A selection of fillings

I have served these this way with guests too and they love being able to make their own from the selection of fillings. Be prepared for enough to make 3 or 4 per person and everyone will have had a good time and enjoyed a tasty meal.

Place a dish of soy and chilli sauce on the table too.

Rolls ready to eat. Yum.


Fish Soup with Lemon Grass and Coriander:

This is my own recipe and you can vary it as much as you like but I use all green vegies, celery capsicum, leek , beans, snow peas,  onion, garlic and green cabbage.  Braise the vegetables in a little butter and olive oil in a wok, add water  to make up quantity , add salt and pepper to taste, grate in some fresh ginger root, throw in a handful of fresh coriander chopped, a stick of lemon grass and a chopped sprig of mint, a dash of soy sauce more for color.  Just a few minutes before serving put in some small chunks of white fish. It cooks really quickly and you don’t want it to fall to pieces.  Serve with some crusty home made bread infused with chives and/ or garlic or plain topped with parmesan cheese.

Simply Delicious. 

      For a hearty Winter Meal,

This slow cooked beef hot pot served with mashed potato and some steamed green beans  is tops.

This again is one of my own recipes, you can adjust it to your taste. Cut some topside beef into bite size pieces, braise in a little hot all till browned all round then put in the slow cooker. Braise some onion, red capsicum, and garlic, toss in some chopped tomatoes and  fresh basil a little marjoram and oregano ( not too much as the oregano can over power). Once lightly braised transfer these all to the slow cooker.  Cover with water , add salt and pepper, put the lid on and leave to simmer for 4 to 6 hours, longer is OK. If the stock is too liquid before serving you can make a little paste with flour and mix in but it should have simmered away most of the liquid and the potatoes will soak up the rest.

Enjoy with friends and a glass of your favorite red wine . You will soon forget the chill outside.

  Stay warm and savor the flavor.





If you have some favorite recipes please share them.  You can use the contact form.


Two  excellent reference books for your kitchen.


Herbs in the Garden

Which herbs are in your garden? Every herb garden has a variety of useful herbs which are grown primarily for culinary purposes. We all enjoy being able to walk out into the garden to pick fresh herbs for our favorite dish.  Among the most common would be mint, parsley, garlic, coriander, basil, majoram, thyme, peppermint, […]

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Herbs from the Bible

What does Gods Word have to Say? I am not a herbalist or a medical doctor but I do happen to believe that God has given us a variety of plants for our nourishment and well being. In this post I plan to make a list of healing plants as I have found in the […]

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The Lost Book of Remedies

A must have for anyone interested in natures healing gifts

God said,I have given you every plant yielding seed

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