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Breaking News on Growing Cannabis in Australia

This weeks’ news bulletins announced that Australia will be embarking on a full scale medicinal Cannabis business which will see it become one of the largest producers in the world.

According to an Australian Political Reporter, Australia is aiming for world domination of medicinal cannabis

It has just been announced that the Federal Government will allow the  growing of and export of Cannabis based medicines from Australia.
This will boost the industry within the country and also be a big boost to the economy they say.

The announcement was made by the Health Minister, Greg Hunt this week.

It will mean medicinal cannabis is more accessible to Australians and it will also make Australia one of the biggest producers in the world.

The move aims to create a bigger market for locally produced medicines so that there is a more stable and secure supply for Australian patients’. Australian patients’ suffering serious or terminal illness will no longer have to secretly travel overseas to acquire the medicine they need to improve their survival prospects.

The current regulations which prohibit growing cannabis or the export of cannabis products will be addressed in Parliament when it reconvenes in February.

The regulations will modify laws to allow various forms of cannabis based products to treat a selection of medical conditions and to control pain.

The Australian Government are proclaiming that they will have more than enough to supply domestic and international needs but the Australian patients’ will get priority.

Mr Hunt claimed there would be no real Government barriers preventing people from accessing medicinal cannabis. However, some doctors may be reluctant to prescribe cannabis so patients’ may still find some difficulty in getting it. The medications have only recently been approved and many doctors may be wary of prescribing until they are fully convinced of their attributes and potential to heal.

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Who Can Get Medical Cannabis Medication?

The use of Medical cannabis was approved for limited use in some states during 2016. Doctors could source the drug and prescribe it to those patients’ they decided would benefit from using it. These doctors had to import their own supply for their patients’. The approved doctors would have undergone a stringent approval process.

The new laws will allow the importation of bulk supplies of cannabis until our own industry is well-established. This will mean patients’ will no longer have to wait for extended periods of time to acquire their prescription as there will be a ready supply within the country

The first license for growing cannabis on a large scale has only been approved in the last week.

However it will still be difficult to get a prescription as the drugs still have not been officially approved. Currently there are strict conditions for doctors to be able to prescribe and equally difficult criteria to be met by the patient.

The drugs also have to be approved by the patients’ state or territory for them to be eligible.

Whilst the new laws allowing more access to medicinal cannabis in Australia may bring hope to many sufferers of serious illness, it is still a long way off being easily acquired.

Government Control and Profiteering

To me I see an element of control and greed at play. By keeping, it difficult to get prescriptions legally will not reduce the back yard growth of the plant neither will it make it affordable for those who need it most. Government will control the use, growth and manufacture of the plant and the eligibility of the end users. They will stand to make vast sums of money while many people will continue to suffer with illnesses that there is no other cure for.

It is back where we were when it was first banned as a medicinal product. By placing such stringent laws around its production, manufacture and use is in effect still allowing the big drug companies to profit.

Cannabis is a plant and all plants were given to us by God for our use either as food or medication. I do not believe it is right for Governments to control the use of a naturally occurring plant species just because they or the drug companies can profit from it by maintaining its control.

   Drug companies and Governments both stand to make more money by controlling the                                  medications we have access to.  It seems bizarre to me that they can approve a cocktail of chemicals to be swallowed in little capsules rather than allow the use of a natural unadulterated herb.

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