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Alternative and Natural Methods to Combat Cancer

We have looked at many of the common medical means to combat cancer On this page we will look at some alternative methods.

Statistics show that 150 years ago only 1 percent of people contracted cancer that is 1 in every 100 people. Today it is 1 in every 3 people who will get cancer at some stage in their life and it is predicted that it will get even worse in the near future. Those facts must make us examine what has changed to cause these statistics to change so dramatically over time. We should be able to reverse that trend with lifestyle changes. That will be the topic for another post.

The Gerson Method:

Max Gerson (October 18, 1881 – March 8, 1959) was a Jewish, German-born American physician who developed the Gerson Therapy, a dietary-based alternative cancer treatment that he claimed could cure cancer and most chronic, degenerative diseases. ( taken from Wikipedia)

It was more than 90 years ago that Dr Gerson released his controversial therapies for treating Cancer. He advocated dietary changes to engage the bodies’ own ability to fight disease. The Gerson method reactivates the bodies’ own healing mechanisms for fighting a range of illnesses and it has no side effects.

His therapy works on detoxifying the body of all the built up toxins which have been absorbed through the environment and foods that have been grown using harmful chemicals. His system works by saturating the body with organically grown fruits and vegetables which would be juiced and consumed every hour, thus stimulating the bodies’ metabolism and increasing oxygen saturation in the blood.
Animal fats and excess sodium and proteins were avoided and some supplements such as potassium were added.

To take a look at and consider the Gerson Diet go to where you can learn about his methods and philosophy. You will find the information here well worth your time to read and may well be a good option for any unwell person to consider.

The Budwig Diet

Back in the 1950s a German biochemist by the name of Johanna Budwig devised a diet she claimed would cure cancer.

However, there is no substantial proof that it actually works. The diet is mostly vegetarian with special emphasis being given to flax seed and cottage cheese. Whilst it encouraged a diet rich in fruit and vegetables it also omitted many other foods which would have provided a balance to the required nutrients for optimum health.

I can only say that there are many ideas and theories, some tested and proven and others not so. If you are reading this as a cancer sufferer then you need to do thorough research to satisfy your own mind and then accept total responsibility for the decision you make.


Essential Oils and Aromatherapy;

Essential oils made from concentrated compounds found in certain plant stems, flowers, roots and bark have been around for hundreds of years and are recently coming back into vogue as a possible treatment for cancer and other illnesses. Many people have found relief of their symptoms as a consequence of using these aromatic oils. However, without scientific evidence I would suggest it is more that they cause the patient to be more relaxed.and thereby making it more conducive to healing itself.

Many years ago I read a book by a Christian doctor called “none of These Diseases” where he claimed that 90% of all illness is caused by stress. Therefore, if we eliminate stress we would have less disease. On this thought I would suggest that essential oils can do no harm and would certainly do some good.

Crystals and Copper Bracelets:

These fall into the category of metaphysical healing. There is a list of products that are supposed to have conductive energy which in turn facilitates healing of certain illnesses. To me this is a bit like voo doo and I would be reluctant to depend on any of these methods as being solely capable of healing a cancer. However the mind is a very powerful part of our being and if we believe it sincerely enough then who am I to question its properties.


Perhaps I should have put this one first. I do believe implicitly in the power of prayer to heal. I have seen evidence of its power in my own family. My husband had multiple organ failure when his heart, lungs and kidneys all failed. He was placed on life support machines. The doctors told me he was not likely to survive.

I rang some friends and they all began to pray. God answered those prayers and as he was coming out of a coma 3 weeks later, he said there were a lot people behind the curtain praying for him. There was another sick man behind the curtain but in effect he was right. People prayed earnestly for his healing and God answered ; to him they were as near as the next bed in intensive care.

That was not my only experience of seeing prayer answered to heal people who were sick. I have no reason to doubt that the God who created this beautiful universe and everything in it could heal. He created it all therefore He more than anyone else should be able to repair parts of the creation.

Some Herb Based Methods


People are becoming more aware of all the wonderful foods and herbs we have available to treat various diseases and the rot of the humble dandelion is just one of them.

This plant has been shown to cure some cancers and heal the immune system

It has been found under scientific studies that the roots of this grossly underestimated plant can heal some cancers in a matter of just 2 days by drinking a tea made from its roots. It has been found that the root of this plant is much more powerful than chemotherapy in healing cancers and other illnesses.

If you would like to read more about this extraordinary plant then hit this link

2. Cannabis

A lot of studies are being done currently on the use of canabinoids to heal cancer and other diseases. I have covered a lot of this on another page. See it under the heading All Natural Healing Remedies.

Because I have covered Cannabis fairly extensively on that page I will not repeat it here except to say, as a patient you need to explore all options. Be informed and be educated as to all the different treatments available to you.

3 Turmeric: treatment for cancer

The active component in Turmeric is Curcumin which in recent studies has been effective in treating some types of cancer such as breast, lung and stomach cancers. It is a known anti inflammatory and anti oxidant.

It has been proven to inhibit some cancer causing enzymes and it is capable of reducing or limiting oxygen to the cancer cells which ultimately destroys them It will also inhibit cancer cells from spreading to other areas or organs and it stimulates a tumor suppressor gene to kick into gear.

There is plenty of information on the net about the healing properties of Turmeric and again I emphasize to do your research, be informed and follow your own gut feelings in consultation with your doctor for the best course of action for you. Read more about the benefits of turmeric here:



Your health is your responsibility. It is important to maintain optimum health with a diet rich in wholesome, preferably organic foods and to get plenty of exercise and adequate sleep.

If cancer strikes you and you are called to discuss your options with your doctor then go with a list of questions. Do not commit to any treatment before doing some serious research and thinking.

I would advocate a combination of 1. Prayer, 2 relaxation (take a holiday) 3 check your diet and eliminate processed foods, reducing fats, sugar and alcohol. And 4. I would opt for one of the natural healing methods before embarking on a drastic dose of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

I have seen people suffer more from the side effects of these treatments than they would have suffered if they had just allowed the illness to take its course.
Another consideration is your age when you get the diagnosis. I am 70 and I would choose only prayer, relaxation and diet, however I might think very differently if I were 30 years of age with a young family.

In this article I have not tried to give you answers but to motivate you to seek out the best course of action for you. You will find many solutions in your kitchen cupboard or garden. Good examples are the turmeric treatment for cancer and the dandelion root tea.  Therefore you do not even need to leave your own home before you can find some effective treatments. Give them a try but continue dialogue with your doctor monitoring any changes in your overall well being.

Post Script to this page. I was sent this video last night from my son.  I watched till 2 am this morning and thought it was well worth sharing.

If you have found this helpful please leave some comments or feedback.



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    • Nickoy mitchell
    • March 27, 2018

    This is a very good article- I find it really informative. I never knew of the ‘Gerson Method’, but since coming to your site, I have learned something of value here. I have also learned about the Budwig diet an that herbs such as Cannabis and Dandelion can help in the fight against cancer. I believe that there are natural remedies that can be use to treat, cure or even prevent cancer, so I am glad that I visited your site. I like that you provided a link to an article about Alternative cancer treatment. But I wish you had mentioned about some of the natural ingredients in the herbs that fight against cancer.
    The article is also easy to read because the use of the font size, paragraphs and visuals. This article was well some to me. I would like to visit again to read some more about the usefulness about various herbs.

      • admin
      • March 27, 2018

      Thank you for visiting my site Nicky and for your comments. I think we have a lot to answer for in the way we have produced foods using chemicals at various stages and perhaps that is one of the main reason the incidence of it has increased so much. These posts were only introductory really. I will expand further on the herbal side of it in another post. The purpose here was to give a bit of an overview of the options people have to fight the disease and encourage people to do their own research..Its a topic I have to deal carefully with because I am not a doctor..

      I am glad you liked the site. 

      Thank you again


    • Steve
    • March 28, 2018

    I have for many years believed that it is what we eat that makes us healthy (or not). It is rather timely for me to see this post of your as I have been battling with chronic pain for a while now and only 10 days ago I stopped taking a drug which was (I knew in my own mind) not helping me anymore. I do feel better for stopping that drug.

    The point of that comment is that I feel I should be able to get back to a more natural diet and approach to life in order to treat my illnesses which cause pain.

    Your post has again given me the incentive as well as some invaluable links for me to follow, and learn.

    The new flavour of the month these days is Cannabis, as you
    mention however, even though the debate has been won in my country, it is still not available as a measure of treatment.

    Do you think that it is simply good enough to change diet immediately and drop all drugs, or should I be more measured in my approach to healing in a more natural manner?

      • admin
      • March 29, 2018

      You are right, it plays a big part in our overall health but so does exercise. Some foods however are actually making us sick because of the chemicals used to produce them. We need to insist on organically grown fruit and veg if we can.The statistics on the incidence of cancer is alarming and we do need to try to reverse this.
      Another point to think about is “what eats us that can also make us ill. Things like stress, bitterness and unforgiveness
      Thank you for taking time to comment on this page, it is really appreciated.

        • admin
        • March 29, 2018

        I was not able to read your full comment before, only an excerpt of it so I was responding blind. I am sorry you have been struggling with pain, it can be very debilitating. You did the right thing stopping the drug if it was not helping.
        I would take a fairly measured approach in your case depending on how long you have been on medication but do a trial and error
        I refuse to take any chemical concoctions into my body unless all else fails. I did have to take pain killers after a motor bike accident a few years ago when I suffered a crush injury and compartment syndrome, but that’s all good now and no pain. I worked really hard on exercise to get my leg working again. If the Physio said do an exercise 10 times I would do it 30 or 40 times. I try to walk about 8 kilometers each day. You have to push through the pain for the gain of a strong body. Talk to your doc, tell him what you are doing he could monitor your progress.

    • Stephen
    • March 30, 2018

    Very interesting article! I firmly agree with you in that several cancers can be avoided by natural methods. Looking at our diet changes and the process things that have been introduced to our diets over the years, it’s no wonder disease rates are increasing.

    Have you read How Not To Die by Michael Greger? This is a great book looking at how a diet change can make us stronger against cancer and other conditions.

      • admin
      • March 30, 2018

      Thank you Stephen for taking time to comment on my article.  You are right we need to practice healthy eating from a young age. A diet of low HI foods. That is low human intervention. We have been eating too many highly processed foods and now we are paying heavily for it. I have not read the book you suggest but I will check it out Thank you for the tip. 

    • Neil
    • April 1, 2018

    For months I was looking for natural ways to beat cancer, since my uncle was diagnosed with cancer in August 2017. But with the type of cancer he had, it was too late to help him and he sadly passed away in March last month. 🙁

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t help him, but if there’s a chance I can help any other family member or friend in the future, then it’s worth looking into natural remedies 🙂

    With today’s diet of unhealthy sugars, I think it’s really scary that so many people will get cancer. And after seeing a family member suffering from it, it’s a big wake up call!

    Thanks for some of the recommendations, especially Tumeric and Cannabis because I’ve heard on the grapevine that they can be powerful.

    Recently, I’ve started drinking 2 cups of green tea each day with a teaspoon of manuka honey, so I’m hoping that’s one way I can help prevent cancer in myself in future.


      • admin
      • April 2, 2018

      Neil I am so sorry about your uncle. There is so much cancer around now its crazy. Drug companies prefer people to be sick, its a mega industry and chemo is always the preference, but the body has its own defence mechanisms which we need to promote and build up.  Anything you can do to improve your own health will help fight disease. Be informed and be active .

      Thank you for taking time to visit my site.

    • Sophia
    • April 16, 2018

    I am so afraid of getting cancer. My mom had breast cancer recently but she got surgury and survived. But she also takes a lot medication and supplements. I feel that cancer is preventable with diet. I agree that you have to watch what you eat. I like to have a glass of hot lemon water in the morning before breakfast to detox and flush out my body. Lemons are full of antoxidants. I didn’t know that weed cured cancer! I knew that it was good for nausea but preventing cancer is remarkable ! Is it CBD or THC ? And I love the flavor of Tumeric. You didn’t mention garlic! Garlic is also a very good for increasing your white blood cells that fight the T cells! Great post! Thank you!

      • admin
      • April 16, 2018

      Thank you for visiting my post about alternative treatments for cancer. I am still researching all the options as I have several friends suffering from cancer right now and I am like you I do not want to face it myself, so the idea is to be prepared with knowledge and the right processes to fight it. To answer your question abut THC or CBD  Research is showing that THC selectively targets and destroys tumor cells while leaving healthy cells unscathed. 

      You are right, I have not included garlic and I do use a lot of it so thank you for pointing it out. I will do further research on that and perhaps include a post just on garlic. .

       Like I said at the beginning, God has given us every plant yielding seed for our well being. We can ensure our own well being with the gifts given us. I always had trouble understanding why people could take all these different colored little pills and allow a mix up of them into their bodies in the hope they will cure their ills. They are a chemical cocktail and goodness knows what happens when they all mix up in the gut.  

      Thanks again for your comments. 

    • Fleur Allen
    • May 3, 2018

    Thanks Freisia for your comprehensive article on natural choices for cancer. I love your approach that our health is all our own personal responsibility and what you share you intend to educate and motivate us to find out what works best for each of us individually. You are so right, needs are different according to age and lifestyle and circumstance.

    I personally advocate to a well balanced fresh food diet, using essential oils and meditation on a daily basis.

    Thank you for sharing

      • admin
      • May 3, 2018

      Thank you for your comments Fleur,  you are right if we look after ourselves with a healthy diet and lifestyle the risk of getting cancer in the first place is reduced.  Stress is a big factor in modern society and you are dealing with that by practicing meditation. I like to pray. All the resources for optimum health are available to us. Low HI  that is low human intervention is a good policy.

      Stay well and enjoy lif to the full.

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