The Lost Book of Remedies

Your back yard or neighborhood may have all the healing plants you need.

About Me

Hi there,

I am a 70 year old grandmother to 7 grandchildren and great grand ma to 1 little  boy.

I am married to a wonderful man who is a very passionate farmer and have 3 adult children. We all live in beautiful South Gippsland  in Southern Victoria.

My interest in herbs and spices and particularly in the merits of cannabis came from my son who suffers a lot of migraine headaches and he finds the cannabis oil to be very effective in reducing the severity of that.  My eldest daughter is also a consultant for Doterra, a company specialising in essential oils.

I avoid taking manufactured medicines for anything until I have no choice in the matter. I like to allow my body the opportunity to heal itself first.  For many illnesses there are a range of alternative therapies using various herbs and spices which you can read about on the website.

I love cooking and so fresh herbs and spices are used extensively  and mostly experimentally in my kitchen.  Some of my favorites are garlic, coriander,  cayenne, chilli, and tumeric.

Gardening is not a passion of mine but I do love to visit other peoples gardens and I try to grow things myself however I find that more often than not a plant will curl up and die as soon as I look at it.

I have not grown or cooked with cannabis nor do I smoke it, but I am totally convinced of its purpose in healing and so I have no hesitation in recommending it as a viable alternative to traditional medicine but advise use with caution and ask that you be fully informed.

I am also a Christian and I believe the Word of God as being the best handbook for us to live by. The Bible lists many wonderful herbs and spices for their healing and culinary properties. They can be used in the form of incense, fresh herbs, dried herbs or essential oils.

There is so much to learn about all the benefits of various herbs and spices and in this website I have just given you, the reader enough to wet your appetite to want to learn more and I have added some links to follow if you want to do that.

The information for this website was gleaned from firstly the Bible, then Wikipedia and other research done online and through my own knowledge.

I hope you find the information herein useful and informative.

Here’s to healthy living  for all according to a biblical prescription.

The Lost Book of Remedies

A must have for anyone interested in natures healing gifts

God said,I have given you every plant yielding seed

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